Judy Butt (B.Sc. (Agr), M.Sc.)

Judy Butt (B.Sc. (Agr), M.Sc.) is a horticulturist who has worked in the industry for 25 years as an educator, extension specialist and currently, co-owner of Boreal Horticultural Services. She works with the Bonnyville Forest Nursery to find alternative markets for their seedlings and alternative crops for the nursery.

She oversees the shrub propagation program for Boreal and is responsible for collecting, stratifying and germinating native shrub seed. She assists clients with attaining green zone variance approvals. She is responsible for Boreal’s Health and Safety Program and ensuring that all working for Boreal have the appropriate certification for their clients.

Dan McCurdy (B.Sc. F., M.Sc. F.)

Dan McCurdy (B.Sc. F., M.Sc. F.) is a forester registered with the College of Alberta Professional Foresters and co-owner of Boreal Horticultural Services. He has 25 years of progressive experience in reforestation, working in government, industry, and consulting.

For the last 22 years he has managed Bonnyville Forest Nursery producing 13 million seedlings annually for reforestation and reclamation in western Canada.

As a forester working for Boreal, Dan has been providing comprehensive reforestation services to oilfield clients in northeastern Alberta since 1997.

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